Socialism or Recovery?

Socialism or Recovery?

To the Editor:

I normally do not write about politics, but this year for me the need is compelling, since the American people will need to decide whether they want our country to continue to shift dramatically toward socialism, or whether they want our country to begin to recover from many years of overspending, taxing and borrowing. I encourage people to state their views whether they agree with mine or not, and believe that political correctness is over-rated.

If we continue another four years under the policies of the present, the United States citizens may be permanently at the trough of government spending. The government will continue to take over more and more power over our lives, and probably will take over many large companies, as well. One need not speculate what will this do to our free enterprise system, and our cherished freedoms.

Our president came into office supported by a lot of enthusiasm, with the promise to work across the aisle to create cooperation, and he made many promises to solve some of our important problems. Instead, he squandered his chance of a successful term in office by spending all his political capital on a Federal take-over of our health care system, rather than on focusing primarily on the poor economic situation, which is far more important. This divisive approach lead to protracted gridlock in Congress, in the public and in the courts, with no end in sight. He has not had a budget approved in four years and has increased our National Debt by $4 Trillion.

The situation four years ago was one of borrowing money to fund our efforts in the Middle-East conflicts, and to prop up the banks, which had speculated with the home values. The Republicans were not able to prevent the huge housing bubble created by the easy money approach to mortgage lending during the Clinton years, and Democrat and Republican governments at all levels expanded into more programs funded by increased property assessments and higher real estate taxes. The bubble has burst.

We are currently in a deep economic slump, and continuing the current approach another four years will not possibly allow a recovery, and may only make it worse. Our president has shown inadequate leadership, and though he may be likeable, the American people can now direct a new approach.

Mr. Romney has shown an ability to lead in Massachusetts, and worked effectively with Democrats and Republicans alike, to balance the State Budget, to create at the local level, a health care arrangement where more people have health insurance, and he managed a rescue of the Salt Lake City Olympics from financial problems. His experience in business ventures has given him the background to know what it takes to grow small businesses in America, now badly needed. His approach toward energy independence by emphasizing development of all sources of domestic energy will create millions of productive jobs, and reduce our decades-long dependence on foreign oil supplies, which may have lead to some unnecessary involvement in the Middle East. The American People need to, and our talented people and companies can, make and export high quality products, rather than continue to export jobs while buying cheap imported products. Buy American!

In the first presidential debate, Mr. Obama was very passive and unable to assert arguments in defense of his first four years in office. Mr. Romney clearly explained in the first debate, that stimulating small American companies by reducing government restraints and the tax rate, while reducing unneeded deductions, without reducing taxes on upper income levels should generate economic growth, and actually increase public revenue for important programs, and to help restore fiscal sanity. Our president wants to increase tax rates on businesses, and this will have the opposite effect, and hurt our small companies, the engines of increasing jobs and more take home pay for more Americans.

The debate between Vice-President Biden and Mr. Ryan was interesting, but not decisive. Mr. Biden was blustery and defensive on the recent lapse of security at our consulate in Benghazi, during which terrorists killed four Americans in a planned heavy attack. Al Qaeda has not succumbed. Mr. Ryan explained Mr. Romney’s plans for economic recovery and maintaining the Medicare program.

In the second presidential debate, many important issues were covered, and President Obama was much more assertive. However, the President was again not able to defend the record of his first term, because his record is basically indefensible. The weak administration performance in many areas has resulted in increased costs to the people, including health care, the price of gasoline, and there are now fewer Americans with jobs than four years ago. The enthusiasm of many Obama voters has dropped. The president acknowledged his failure to adequately protect the American Consulate in Benghazi. Mr. Romney was also assertive, and repeatedly gave a more hopeful optimistic picture for the future, in creating millions of jobs, in energy independence, in health care, women’s pay equality, education, and having government encourage rather than hinder small business.

The third presidential debate clearly showed that Mr. Romney was the more statesmanlike candidate, and described the high road for an American Leadership role in the world, based on helping the nations unify in fighting world terrorism. He also demonstrated that America must have a strong domestic economy, as a prerequisite to this leadership role, as well as an adequate military capability for unseen circumstances. The president continued his small negative attacks, vainly attempting to draw Mr. Romney into petty arguments over bayonets, etc.

Mr. Romney gave the president a pass on the recent terrorist murders in Benghazi, but the American People will likely render a judgment on the administration’s failure to provide adequate security on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11.

It has been stated, “It’s the economy, stupid.” All other domestic and international issues are affected by how well we encourage the American entrepreneurial genius to grow America. Let’s not be stupid by continuing the false hope of the last four years! Believe in America—vote for Mr. Romney.

Glen Sjoblom

Great Falls