Viewpoints: "Who did you vote for to be President? Why?”

Viewpoints: "Who did you vote for to be President? Why?”

Kwasi Kubi, self-employed, cab driver

“Barack Obama. I still like his ideas. And I think he will be better for the poor people. I think he has done what he could with what he inherited."

Derek Einsig, employed by GeoEye

"Mitt Romney. Obama had a shot. He didn't live up to his promises. He hasn't been able to work with the current legislators. It may not be all his fault, but we need to try something new, see if we can get some compromise. If sequestration happens, that's a real threat to my job working with satellites and mapping."

Shalini Karnani, employed by Score, a non-profit

"Barack Obama. I think Obama is the only one paying attention to women's issues. I don't want my body to be a conversation piece anymore. It's time to move foreword in this country. I have a child inside of me right now and I think it's in this baby's best interests for education and health care and more, to vote Obama. Plus, I come from Detroit. He literally saved us there."

Robin Drake, phone worker, nonprofit organization

"Barack Obama. I think he has done as well as he could with a recession underway when he came in and with the global economic situation. Romney scares me. He doesn't show the same face twice. If he were simply Tea Party, or traditional Republican, then I could understand him, predict which way he would go on things. I just don't feel like I know Romney."

Mike Diamore, employed by Booz Allen

"Barack Obama. Infrastructure. I don't think either candidate really pushes for that, but I think under Obama there's a better chance of something getting done. We need more and better transportation. Much of our infrastructure, our wiring is aging. We need to start taking care of these things for our future economic health."

Grace Serquinia, Employed by the FC School system

“Barack Obama. I think Mitt Romney is making it up as he goes along. I don't think he has a plan. You know, it's like going to the dance and waiting to hear what music they play before deciding how to dance to it. Been here before. Obama is in there. We know what's what."