Letter: Missing in Abortion Debate

Letter: Missing in Abortion Debate

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

A constant theme among letters to the editor is that of abortion activists eager to advance the cause of liberal women to abort arguably future Democrat voters, which is the ultimate oxymoron. The espoused opposition theme to any effort to educate the public seems to be, as stated by a reader in the March 22-23 edition of this paper, "restricting a woman’s right to decide what happens to her body when she is pregnant." And that is the problem. The issue is not the woman’s body; it is the body of a totally different person sharing half of her chromosomes, but only half, who resides within her body. This fetus, an unborn child, is not the woman’s body once conceived, but a totally separate human being within her body very much alive on its own for whom the abortion-choosing woman wishes death, often for her own convenience. Now regardless of one’s position on this issue, the fact that liberal abortion advocates seek to hide this fact in every public pronouncement is nothing more than the highest form of deceit. Ironically, every person in whose presence I have heard make such a pronouncement has also, when asked, been staunchly opposed to the death penalty for the most violent and heartless criminal, who has been tried, convicted, and sentenced to death, another oxymoron of epic proportions. Killing one’s own child for convenience is what abortion actually is and most often the creation of the child in question is also a result of one’s own actionable sexual pleasure rather than involuntary rape. If this issue is to be debated honestly, these facts must be in the forefront. Liberals never offer up the truth because it detracts mightily from their position which is indefensible.

Christopher Thompson

West Springfield