Letter: Totally Unacceptable

Letter: Totally Unacceptable

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

In last week's Connection, Delegate Albo responded to the Editor's piece entitled "Reenacting a Dark History?" dated March 8-14, 2012. In his article [Real Accomplishments for Virginia, Connection, March 15-22], Mr. Albo provided us with news of other legislation the Virginia Assembly had recently passed, citing specifics, which was all very informative. However, we almost missed reading of these accomplishments when put off by his opening remark.

In opening, Delegate Albo questioned why the Connection had focused its attention and excellent commentary on the Assembly's recent passage of two social agenda-driven bills. We know the answer is that these two bills - pushed by the House of Delegates - disproportionally affect 1.) women, and 2.) disenfranchised eligible- to- vote- but (narrowly defined) "uncredentialed" citizens. The bills should never have passed. These now laws strike at the heart of fundamental freedoms of our citizenry, are totally unacceptable, send Virginia backward in the progress of human history, and should be repealed at once. While passage of this legislation was possibly well intentioned, these new laws lack vision and virtually set in motion the law of (harmful) unintended consequences.

It was most useful to learn how each of our elected officials voted on these bills. Thank you, Connection Newspapers, for your informative reporting and for telling it like it is. We applaud your good work, and say "Keep it up!!"

Jill Brown