Keeping Streets Safe

Keeping Streets Safe

Sgt. David Green Jr. recognized for impaired driving enforcement.

After a promotion in Dec. 2008, Arlington Police Officer David Green Jr. quickly found his niche when it came to getting intoxicated drivers off the street. After he was promoted to sergeant of the midnight patrols section, his responsibilities included managing administrative duties for his squad as well as managing the DUI and Alcohol Safety Action Program for the entire department.

Green was recognized for his efforts on May 12 at the Tysons Westpark Hotel during the 20th annual awards for Excellence in Community Service and Public Safety.

Arlington Police Patrol Section Capt. Brian Gough credited Green with coordinating sobriety checkpoints that involved other units such as the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office, the Arlington County Police Auxiliary Unit, the Virginia State Police and the Arlington County Fire Department.

"Dave has planned, coordinated and executed four major sobriety checkpoints at various locations within Arlington County," Gough said. "In total there were more than 30 officers, deputies and troopers scheduled for each of these checkpoints. Dave briefed all the participants to ensure they knew the incident plan and that they were capable of testifying in court for DUI arrests."

Green has also helped coordinate 18 saturation patrols consisting of five to seven officers working in different parts of the county and attended the Advanced DUI Training for Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Officers program in Blacksburg, Va.

"Sergeant Green has been the interface between police department and the Washington Regional Alcohol Program as well as Mothers Against Drunk Driving," Gough said. "He has also served as the liaison between the police department and the magistrate’s office, the commonwealth attorney’s office and the general district courts."

Green’s programs have been responsible for more than 75 arrests of impaired drivers over the past two years.