Holly, Woods and Vines Helps Deliver Christmas Spirit to Troop Families

Holly, Woods and Vines Helps Deliver Christmas Spirit to Troop Families

Holly, Woods and Vines is proud to be the only location within the D.C. metro area to participate in the Trees for Troops program. This holiday season, Trees for Troops is expected to collect and deliver more than 15,000 real Christmas trees from across the nation to military families across the United States, as well as to soldiers serving overseas. Consumers will have the opportunity to purchase trees at Holly, Woods and Vines and donate them to Trees for Troops.

The Trees for Troops program was launched in 2005, and with the help of FedEx Corp., delivered more than 4,300 Christmas Trees to five U.S. military bases, as well as an overseas shipment to the Middle East that year. Since 2005, the program has delivered more than 50,000 Real Trees to military families at more than 50 bases in 17 countries.

"Trees for Troops has been a huge success and continues to grow," says Christmas SPIRIT Foundation chair Nigel Manley, a Christmas Tree grower in Bethlehem, N.H. "It has really resonated with our industry and the military."

The collection and delivery of trees will take place Dec. 4-6. Consumers may make contributions to the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation at www.ChristmasSPIRITFoundation.org. More information is also available at www.TreesforTroops.org.

Holly, Woods and Vines is located at 8453 Richmond Hwy., Alexandria. Call 703-799-1607.