Centreville High Prom

Centreville High Prom


From left are Mollie Leon, Adam Garrity, Alison DeMocker, Matt Woodworth, Allison Miller, Michael Donovan, Bethany Schifflin, Sean Whalen, Allison Nasta, Andy Viands, Miriam Haghshenas, JT Hampel, Daniela Medina and Ricky Williams. They gathered Friday, May 29, at the home of Michael’s parents, Alaine Donovan and Mark Heacock, in Centre Ridge, before heading to The Sequoia in Georgetown for dinner and to the Waterford in Fair Oaks for Centreville High’s prom.

The Schebish family invited a gathering of prom goers from Centreville High School to their home for pictures, before the group headed to Georgetown for dinner at Nick's Riverside Grille. The group included: Zach Schebish, Audrey Moore, Zaida Schebish, Steve Belden, Alyssa LeBlanc, Alex Carter, Bree Dumass, Mike Bottorff, Haleigh Duke, Haden Olmsted, Marlo Clingman, Andrew Kaberline, Stephanie Wesley, Clay Pulsipher, Jackie Cipolla, John Alba, PJ Rechter, Stephanie Kelly, Kathryn Peterson, Brett Merker, Danny Lucas, Chelsea McCorry, Neema Atri, Mary Mudd, Nora Eways, Stephen Caviness, Michelle Wilson, Brian Travi, Katie O'Brien, Carrie Watson, Ian Lyons, Julien Guh, Annie Paradis, Chris Creane, Vanessa Palau, Rawan Bannourah, and Collin Peterson.