Taylor Run

Taylor Run


The commercial world may have started their Christmas push the day after Hallowe'en, but Shuter's Hill Ecumenical Carollers will stick to their old-fashioned ways and go around on the hill singing carols and collecting money for Children's Hospital on the third day of Christmas, Dec. 27.

Everyone is invited to come help, starting at 5 p.m. from 310 Park Road and eating potluck supper there after we finish singing.


This neighborhood tradition started 42 years ago because the Hunt, Biache, and Stelluto children needed something to do in their Christmas break from school.

Those carolers have all grown up, but others have come to help. We did have to cancel one year because it was 10 degrees, and once we did have to shorten the route considerably because of 2 feet of slush. (I shall never forget little Bridget O'Brien, age 3, getting up and trudging bravely on every time she fell.)

Don Mela, our accordion player, is now 86, but he says he certainly will walk and play.

Our splendid neighbors have given more than $1000 for several years. We always ask for checks made out to Children's Hospital, because we hand all the money right over.