Seminary Valley

Seminary Valley

The holiday season would not be the same in Seminary Valley were it not for the big holiday party at Polk Elementary School. The event gets underway this Saturday, Dec. 12 at 7 p.m. There will be goodies, crafts, songs and a visit from a special guest.

A nod to Thanksgiving … it was good to see some neighbors at Alexandria’s Turkey Trot … I am proud to say that I finished ahead of Kerry Donley and Mark Chopko, but not Emily Haitsuka, who is 19 years old, by the way.

Our neighborhood’s efforts appear to have been somewhat influential in the debate over the onramp to the new BRAC development. A groundswell of effort, aided by Facebook and the Seminary Valley listserve, as well as an excellent analysis of the options by the BRAC Advisory Committee has helped local officials see that obliterating the Winkler Preserve is definitely not be the best option.

Seven Francis C. Hammond students recently visited the White House to film a public service announcement about physical fitness. The announcement featured President Obama and several NFL players. The announcement promotes Play 60, which encourages young fans to be active each day for at least 60 minutes …. advice we should all attempt to follow.

With inclement weather now firmly in place, please be neighborly and remember to clear your sidewalks. We have a very pedestrian-friendly community and we don’t want our two- and four-legged friends walking in the street.

Handyman Alert: Polk Elementary is looking for a volunteer to repair two birdhouses that were vandalized this fall. The birdhouses were attached to posts in our Children's Garden. The posts are still standing, but the birdhouses need to be repaired and reattached to them. If you are handy and have a little extra time, please contact Wendy at 703-209-1985 or .

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