Heartfelt Thanks from Flaps

Heartfelt Thanks from Flaps

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Words can’t express our heartfelt thanks to you and your staff in your reporting of our sale and subsequent closure.

I can’t remember being as emotionally moved as I was on our last night, Oct. 27. The outpouring of support from the community was heartwarming. I am not a sentimental guy, but I must admit to getting choked up witnessing the warmth and sincerity of our loyal customers and friends.

I know the Shopping Center has gotten a bad rap in its treatment of tenants and high rents. All I can say is they were most cooperative with us throughout the term of our lease. I am grateful to Jim Rich and Shelton Zuckerman for the classy way they handled our exit As to the high rents we pay — we all knew the rent when we signed the lease. Our rent was worth every dime when you consider the wonderful friends we have made in our 23 years in the Village.

Grace and I are going to relax a bit before we take on our next adventure. Again, my sincerest thanks to you all — IT’S BEEN A TRIP WE WON’T FORGET!

Bob Rood

Flaps Restaurants, Inc.