Exceprts from questionnaires filled out by candidates for the Virginia General Assembly, which appear in full on the Connection Web site,

<lst>"I'm confident mental health and gun laws will be reviewed, but it's too early to make decisions on what specific laws should be changed before more facts and information are brought to light."

— Sen. Mark Herring (D-33)

"Generally speaking, I support Virginia’s firearms law preemption statute, … because I believe our gun laws ought to apply uniformly to all Virginians regardless of where in the state they happen to live."

— Del. David Poisson (D-32)

"At present, the board of visitors at a state-supported college makes the decision to allow or not allow students or employees to have guns on campus. But, according to an Attorney General’s opinion, colleges are not authorized to prohibit persons with a Virginia concealed carry permit and gun from coming on campus. I believe the University of Utah allows students to concealed carry on campus. But I want to see what Governor Kaine’s VT Study Committee finds before changing Virginia's laws and practice."

— Del. Bob Marshall (R-13)

"Although less than 1 percent of guns are purchased at gun shows, I think it is time to close the gun-show loophole, which allows firearms purchasers at gun shows to forego a background check."

— Del. Tom Rust (R-86)

"I can think of few worse places for firearms than college campuses. As we all know excessive drinking is a problem at college parties and adding guns into that situation is a recipe for disaster."

— Jay Donahue, Democratic candidate, House of Delegates, 86th District