Neighborhood: Taylor Run June 7

Neighborhood: Taylor Run June 7


Bill Schreiner, president of the Friends of Fort Ward, revealed at the annual meeting the correspondence about an unhistoric window air conditioner between him and the city of Alexandria. The letters showed in a very interesting way some of the difficulties which arise for historic preservationists; after all, there were no air conditioners in 1862.


The 2007 Barnard Award was given to Dr. Benjamin Franklin Cooling, who is now the Chairman of the Grand Strategy Department at the Industrial College of the Armed Forces at Fort McNair. Dr. Cooling, a specialist in the Civil War defenses of Washington, has written several books about them.


Bill Schreiner was re-elected president. Skip Roberts is vice-president, George Mueller secretary, and Russ Vermillion treasurer.

Among the members congratulating Dr. Cooling at the wine and cheese reception were Marilyn Moll, Charles Ziegler, Marge Taugenberg, Pat Regal, Pamela Ungar, Kathy Scheibelhoffer and Wanda Dowell, former director of the Fort Ward museum.

Lynda Vitella of WEBA and the Schlesinger Center was there; Susan Cumbey, current director, is working with Lynda and her group on the upcoming 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Wally Owen and Alexandria military historian Kim Holien were also present.


It so happened that Pat Troy, former Republican city council candidate, and Boyd Walker, running in the Democratic primary, were seated at the same table at the LWV annual luncheon. Boyd spoke about asking for endorsements; Pat replied "Ah, it's easier being a Republican. We don't have to ask for endorsements from elected officials' We don't have any."

Tom Parkins, Voter Registrar for Alexandria, was the featured speaker.

He told us that new state laws and new federal laws will probably cost Alexandria taxpayers money. He introduced, with pride, Ginny Franco, recently certified as a professional election technician by the national board, an unusual distinction.


President, Judy Miller; Secretary, Katy Cannady; Treasurer, Peggy Grieve; Public Relations, Ann Kaupp; Voter Service, Sue Worden; Growth and Development, Ellen Pickering; National Action, Pat Sullivan; NCA representative, Kay Youngflesh; State Legislative, Lois Kelso Hunt; Local Government, Katy Cannady; Bulletin, Nancy Berg; Archives, Isabelle Weber; Publications, Becky Davies; Webmaster Gail Miller; Membership, Don Mela and Douglas Thurman; Election Coordinator, Judy Miller.


Citations for hard work went to Judy Miller and Katy Cannady. Other members at the luncheon were Mayor Bill Euille, Council member Del Pepper, Laura Mandala, and Lillian White.

— Lois Kelso Hunt