Parks: Cascades

Parks: Cascades

Community Guide

Claude Moore Park

21544 Old Vestals Gap Road, Sterling


Hours dawn to dusk; Visitor Center: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily

Claude Moore Park is a mixture of nature and history, holding a section of historic Vestal's Gap Road in the Lanesville Heritage Area of the park. Other historic sites in the park include the Lanesville House and the Loudoun Heritage Farm Museum. The park holds miles of hiking trails and provides visitors with numerous self-guided activities for a mix of education, fitness and fun. The eastern youth sportsplex has four lighted baseball fields, two football/soccer fields, three softball fields and a snack bar.

Potomack Lakes Sportsplex

20280 Cascades Parkway, Sterling


Hours dawn to dusk

The Potomack Lakes Sportsplex is a 47-acre facility that offers opportunities for numerous sports players. From April through November, the complex hosts 16 sports games per night and almost 4,000 games annually. The facility provides hosts weeknight and weekend play in its four-lighted softball fields, large playground and concession stand. Potomack Lakes Sportsplex is home to the Paul Henchen Soccer Fields, a collection of six soccer fields. The park can is also open for jogging and dog-walking.

Briar Patch Park

21660 Sterling Blvd., Sterling

Hours dawn to dusk

Briar Patch Park is a 5-acre park that holds three playgrounds, a pavilion, two tennis courts, a volleyball court and a basketball court, three picnic tables and a walking trail.