Getting to Know… Amazing Grace Danso

Getting to Know… Amazing Grace Danso

Danso is a rising junior at West Potomac High School.

Amazing Grace Danso came to the United States from Ghana in 2005 with a desire to learn and achieve great things. Since she started high school in the United States, she has been inducted to both the National Honor Society and French Honor Society. She also joined the French Club and Key Club, currently acting as the Key Club’s incoming treasurer.

Danso has been rewarded multiple times for her hard work in school. She received the Black Cultural Alliance award for maintaining a grade point average above a 3.5. She was also regarded as the best student in her honors world history and geography class. This summer she was able to attend the Governor’s School for French at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Outside of school activities, she is an active member of her church. She is the president of the Youth Ministry and Choir. She remains very busy working toward her dream of attending an Ivy League school upon graduating from high school.

<b>What brought you to the United States?

</b>I came here with my mom to join her fiancée. I lived in Ghana my whole life before moving here.

<b>What do you like the most about the United States?

</b>That is a hard question. I would have to say the education system and how it is available to everyone. I like how we interact with teachers. It is not abstract. We have a computer to rely on to do further research to enrich our learning.

<b>What is school like in Ghana?

</b>Well there are pros and cons in both places. School in Ghana is tougher and you have a lot more to study. I had so much variety in Ghana and that helped me branch out because there were 14 subjects studied as opposed to the seven studied here. Also when I got to high school I had the option to take more than seven subjects but here I can only take seven. Also, I went to private school in Ghana.

<b>What do you miss the most about Ghana?

</b>I miss my family and friends the most, as well as the food. It’s so cool in this country so it is not a big deal.

<b>What are some of your favorite extracurricular activities?

</b>I have done a lot, but I really liked the drama and dance group in Ghana and we did a performance twice per year. I did that from just before first grade to seventh grade. I also love the Key Club because of the community service that we do. I am the president of the youth ministry and of the youth choir at church and I really enjoy that as well.

<b>What is your favorite thing subject in school?

</b>I love studying languages. I take French and Spanish. My two greatest passions are languages and math. I love to write as well.

<b>Do you want to go to college and if so, where and what will you study?

</b>I want to get into an Ivy League college. Harvard is my first choice. I want to study business, particularly entrepreneurship. I am taking a course in business next year to see what it is like.

<b>What are some of your future goals?

</b>I love being in school and learning so I want to go as far as my doctorate. I want to set up businesses in the education field. Also, I want a publishing company because I love to write. I would like to be as broad and international as possible in business. Another branch of business that I am interested in is manufacturing. I am always thinking things could be done better to fit the consumer’s needs.

<b>Who are some of your role models?

</b>My mom because she really is the whole embodiment of a role model: she loves people and she is kind. She loves to give and she is always setting a good example for others. She is always teaching me right from wrong — she is a true mom. I also admire Oprah because she is kind of like my mom in that she has a kind heart and always wants to be there for people. Kofi Annan is another person I look up to because he set a goal for himself and reached it. He was determined. He was kind of the president of the world (as UN secretary general) which is hard to become.

<b>What are your favorite books and movies?

</b>I love Harry Potter books and movies. I am an obsessed fan. I am very excited for the new book. J.K. Rowling is the writer I look up to when I write. As far as movies go, I also love "Pirates of the Caribbean" and comedies like the ones with Eddie Murphy.