New Signage For Richmond Highway

New Signage For Richmond Highway

Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation is hoping to improve the quality of signage along Richmond Highway through a "Sign Analysis and Wayfinding Program" to aid motorists and pedestrians. Primary targets for the program are the Penn Daw Town Center area and selected entrances along the corridor.

To accomplish the task, SFDC is presently seeking a professional consulting service that will "work with staff and a Design Committee in formulating a signage master plan to clarify vehicular and pedestrian access routes" to the Center and coordinate that with a "Gateway" signature program, according to SFDC.

The purpose of this study is to comprehensively evaluate all signs that currently exist within the area, suggest physical changes, minimize the quantity of signs, and begin to create a coordinated identity for the area, according to SFDC staff.

SFDC, with the assistance of Fairfax County Revitalization and Housing Authority, has received an Economic Development Initiative grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to help fund the program. "We look forward to a strong response to this RFP and taking the first step toward implementing a coordinated sign plan for Richmond Highway," said Richard "Rick" Neel, president, SFDC.