I Just Want a Home….

I Just Want a Home….


Cristy, as she is called, is just over a year old and has spent most of her life a crate. Eventually, her owners dropped her at a shelter because they didn’t have time for her.

She is part German pointer plus a few unknowns. In spite of being caged for most of her life at home and since November at the shelter, she is remarkably resilient. Sweet-natured to her core, Cristy loves children, adults and other dogs. She is not crazy about cats, and figures they are there for her to chase, like furry balls. Indeed, it is balls she loves to chase.

Cristy was rescued from the county shelter after they called to say her time was up. She was due to be euthanized. She had languished for too long without a single adoption request. Because the staff had grown so fond of her, they let her keep staying. They hoped that a family would arrive to take her to a better life. Then she became seriously ill. The shelter treated her. Still, no family stepped forward.

Now Cristy is out of the shelter and in a foster care situation where she can relax while she waits and recuperates. She has been spayed, but is still thin, approximately 45 pounds. She is gaining weight and should eventually weight 60 pounds. According to her foster care person, her evaluation is wonderful. “She is a fork-and-spoon kind of gal, very gentle with her mouth, very respectful,” she said. Cristy knows the “sit” and “down” commands, loves a romp in the park, is good around horses and very good on recall. She will not wander when out hiking, and is very socialized. Cristy just wants a home, to be part of a family who will love and appreciate her.

To find out more about Cristy or another rescued pet, or to make a donation, please call 301-299-3798 or email at: petconnect@petconnectinc.org Web site: www.petconnectinc.org

PetConnect is a 501c3 non-profit animal rescue organization based in Potomac. Its mission is to ensure that the adoption process is a kind, informed and rewarding experience.

— Carole Dell, a PetConnect board member, writes for the Potomac Almanac.