Scotland's Summer Celebration

Scotland's Summer Celebration

Annual Scotland Community Day draws residents and visitors for fun and games.

Of all the games and rides that Esraa Hassan had to choose from on Saturday afternoon, there was only one that qualified as her favorite — the slip-and-slide.

“Well, they set up a lot of stuff you can play on. I like this one because I did a belly flip and a back flip,” said 9-year-old Esraa.

Esraa was one of at least 200 children and adults that turned out for the nineteenth annual Scotland Community Day on Saturday, August 11. The yearly event featured food, music and games ranging from moonbounces, to a strength tester, to the ever-popular slip-and-slide.

Dasean Minor, 8, spent as much time as he could at the slip-and-slide — in the parallel sliding alleys, “I always beat people,” Dasean said.

The event, sponsored by the Montgomery County Department of Recreation, drew Scotland residents as well as family and friends of residents from around the county, said Billie Wilson, the Western Region services coordinator for the county’s recreation department, and the interim director of the Scotland Community Center.

“I thought it was excellent,” said Wilson. “I thought it was one of the best.”

“It started as something just for Scotland,” said long-time Scotland resident Bette Thompson. Since then it has grown every year and now family and friends of Scotland residents are joined by a handful of visitors without direct ties to the historical community.

In addition to the large turnout of children, the adult residents of Scotland are drawn each year to the event as well, as it is a big event on the social calendar, Wilson said.

In addition to the numerous games on hand for the children, a number of organizations who work with the Scotland Community turn out each year to provide informational and contact resources for the community, Wilson said. Groups such as Amerigroup and Priority Partners managed health care organizations, Suburban Hospital, Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and others had tents and representatives on hand at Saturday’s festivities.

“They’re resources for the Scotland community folks,” said Wilson. “They bring info and share resources.”

As well as Saturday’s event went, Wilson predicted bigger and better things for next year’s 20th annual event.

“It will be a big celebration,” said Wilson.