RA Honors Volunteers

RA Honors Volunteers

Poolside cookout rewards a year of hard work.

Reston Association staff members hosted a poolside cookout at the Lake Newport swimming pool on Wednesday, Aug. 1, to show their appreciation to the volunteers who contributed hours and expertise during the last year.

Ha Brock, RA’s volunteer coordinator, said there are more than 400 active volunteers in RA committees, programs and activities. "Without them I don’t think we could hold our programs," said Brock. "This is our way of thanking them," she said.

About 100 of those volunteers attended Wednesday’s cookout, many of them high school students. Brock said most of the volunteers are of high school age, who contribute time for community service hours. Brock added that RA volunteers come from all over the region, not just Reston. "Some come from Herndon, others come from as far as D.C. and others from Sterling," she said, naming a few of the places where the volunteers live.

Opportunities also exist for Reston’s many experts to serve on RA’s advisory committees, such as the Transportation Advisory Committee or the Environmental Advisory Committee. "There are so many opportunities for people with many interests," said Milton Matthews, RA CEO, in a July interview.

Robin Smyers, the Lake Anne/Tall Oaks district director, echoed Matthews’s statement that people of many interests can find volunteer opportunities with RA. She added that the foundation of Reston was built on its residents’ contributions to the community. "Volunteering confirmed that tradition for decades," said Smyers. "It’s easy to stay involved [in Reston]. You’re never meant to feel like you’re not doing enough."

Kathleen Driscoll McKee, South Lakes district director, said the volunteering opportunities with the committees are a great way to grow experience. She also said RA is "blessed with the kind of people that step up" to volunteer. Along with finding volunteers for its usual programs and activities, Brock said RA is now recruiting volunteers for Reston’s Multicultural Festival in September and the Halloween Trail at the Walker Nature Center. To volunteer time or expertise contact Brock at 703-435-7986 or habrock@reston.org.