This is what $55 Million Buys

This is what $55 Million Buys

Lake Braddock’s renovation project more than two-thirds complete.

As students arrived for classes at Lake Braddock Secondary School this year, they found brand new facilities awaiting their return from the summer vacation.

Associate Principal Dave Thomas said the school’s renovations should be completed by April 2007. In a county where school renovations can “take forever,” Thomas said the faculty and staff at Lake Braddock are thrilled about the three-year process for Lake Braddock's $55 million renovation project.

“This was supposed to be finished in three-and-a-half years and they’re finishing in three,” said Thomas. “In April, we should have a brand new building.”

The school’s theme this year is “Bruins under Construction:  Inside and Out-Year III.” The inside and out work remaining looks minimal, though. A walk through the hallways reveals more shiny new floors and hallways than old, but it is still possible to hear the sound of tools and construction. The only remaining outdoor construction is at the front of the school where some exterior renovations are still going on just behind the bulk of the school’s 55 classroom trailers, which should begin to be removed sometime this November. Ceiling tiles are missing throughout the interior of the school, in the areas that are still being renovated, and some older red lockers still line the hallways. The high school portion of the school is finished, though, and gives the middle school children a peek at what their portion of the school will soon look like. Glistening floors, lockers and high-tech classrooms are bringing Lake Braddock back in tune with the times.