Breaking — Very — New Ground

Breaking — Very — New Ground

Five months ago, the Wright Building, which sat at 144 Maple Ave., East, was razed, and its basement was filled with earth and covered with sod. Last Saturday, the first shovel-fulls of dirt were dug back out of that basement in a Town Green groundbreaking ceremony.

The Vienna Town Green will occupy what is now an empty plot of land near the intersection of Maple Avenue and the W&OD Trail. The project manager, Parks and Recreation Director Cathy Salgado, said construction is expected to begin in the next couple of weeks and be completed in about six months. The park will include an amphitheater, a decorative fountain, free wireless Internet access and other amenities.

Salgado said materials and supplies have already been ordered, and the plants will be selected this fall and planted in the spring. The park will be built on a $1.5 billion contract to Sumter Construction Corporation, which recently renovated Vienna's fire station.

The town plans to have the park completed in time for Virginia's Jamestown 2007 celebration next May.