Man Charged with Making Bomb Threat

Man Charged with Making Bomb Threat

After he calls, Loudoun County Government Center is evacuated.

A Penderbrook man is being held without bond in the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center after he allegedly threatened to bomb that county's government center. He is Charles McMillion, 43, of 3861 Inverness Road.

HE WAS arrested near his home, Aug. 24, and charged with a felony count of threat to bomb and two misdemeanors of making a profane threat to the public.

In an Aug. 24 affidavit for a warrant to search McMillion's home and car for literature and equipment pertaining to the creation of explosive devices, Investigator Shannon Coderre of the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, Criminal Investigations Division, explained the case against him.

She wrote that, on Aug. 1 around 2:30 p.m., the Sterling branch of the Loudoun County Treasurer's Office received a phone call asking if it was the branch located at the government center. The call taker replied that, no, this branch was in Sterling.

"He told the call taker that they had just garnished his wages and home and that he was upset," wrote Coderre. "He then [allegedly] advised the call taker that he had just left the government center and had left an explosive device in the building."

He then hung up, and his call was traced as having come from a pay phone in a shopping center along Lee Jackson Memorial Highway in the Fairfax/Chantilly area. The call taker described the voice as belonging to a man in his 40s.

CODERRE NOTED that the same man had previously called someone at the government center with the same complaints. That call taker had advised him that he'd have to talk with the collections department, and his call was then transferred to that department in Sterling. The government-center call taker also described the voice as that of a man between 40-50 years old.

As a result of his threat, the government center was evacuated and searched. Around 6 p.m. that evening, the search was completed and no explosive devices were found.

On Aug. 24, McMillion was arrested inside his white Lincoln on South Penderbrook Drive. He's scheduled for a Nov. 2 preliminary hearing in Loudoun County General District Court.

Authorities executed the search warrants and seized various items from his home and car. These included cameras, film, computers, thumb drives, a lock box, a container with white powder, a navigator, a photo scanner, notebooks, photos, slides, negatives, a cell phone, some computer-storage drives and a letter addressed to McMillion from the Department of Corrections.