Voices from Arlington — Frank Cucurullo

Voices from Arlington — Frank Cucurullo

It's five years ago, and I still think about it every day. How can I not,

when I see the Pentagon from where I work? I watched it burn for two days. I'll

never forget that massive cloud of black, brown, and gray smoke, with flecks of

silver scattered around it. I remember the things I did; the mistakes I made as

well as the things I did right.

I remember worrying about my brother, who works in Lower Manhattan and saw the

Trade Center fall while he was running for his life. I remember the jet fighter

flying over the cemetery, searching for the last plane in the air. You could

tell the pilot was in earnest; you knew he was saying 'this is no joke. I may

have to kill someone today.’ I remember feeling afraid, vulnerable, and angry;

it was one of the worst days of my life.

I still get angry when I think about it. I don't like the way people are saying,

"something good will come out of this" or "it taught us how good people can be."

Whenever I hear that, I remember seeing the funerals in the cemetery over the

next few weeks, and watching friends and relatives crying. Tell them something

good came out of it.