Brookfield Swim Club Is Dedicated

Brookfield Swim Club Is Dedicated

U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf (R-10th), State Sen. Ken Cuccinelli (R-37th) and Sully District Supervisor Michael Frey along with Club President Carl Cecil and the Brookfield Board of Directors opened the new Brookfield Swim Club facility on Aug. 19. Earlier this summer, the Brookfield Swim Club completed the construction of the new 4,500 square foot clubhouse worth more than $600,000. The new clubhouse replaced the 1,000 square foot bathhouse originally built in 1967. The new facility boasts new modern year-round facilities to include a large meeting room, kitchen and bathrooms. Clubhouse features include a stunning 70-foot long deck that runs along the entire backside of the clubhouse overlooking the pool, a meeting room with scenic views of the pool, and skylights providing natural lighting. The new facility is also completely ADA compliant with a platform lift to the second level entrance.

Said Cuccinelli: "It's a pleasure to celebrate the success of the efforts of the whole Brookfield community today. Our community associations are a historic source of strength in Virginia, and it is gratifying to see this community continue to flourish as it has for the last 40 years." Supervisor Frey praised the club for its persistence in making it through the county permitting and construction process.

Club President Cecil thanked the people that helped make the clubhouse a reality, including Brookfield Board members Dennis Kennedy, vice president; Robert Van Olst, secretary; Michael Kapfer, treasurer; Craig Hurlburt, membership; John Harris, administrator; Kristin Nelson, social director; Sherrie Schulte, swim team director, Kevin Ludden, communications director, as well as the builder Vantage Construction, site engineers Tri-Tek and RDA, attorney Dave Stoner from Walton-Adams.

He thanked club members Ray Kenna, Dan Whitaker, Bill Leslie for donating services to the clubhouse. He recognized Greenbriar Swim Club and Poplar Tree Estates Pool for their assistance in bridging the time when the pool was not open. Cecil also thanked the previous boards that got the club to this point. Finally he thanked a great many club volunteers for making it all possible. Particularly noteworthy is the Eagle Scout project that was undertaken by member and Eagle Scout candidate Patrick Hall, who not only planted the county-required trees and vegetation, but his project also moved a small building on the grounds to a better location.