<H1>The Music Listings</H1>

<H1>The Music Listings</H1>

&lt;i&gt;&lt;em&gt;Know of a local venue that we don't have listed? Contact Christopher Staten at cstaten@connectionnewspapers.com or call 703-917-6447.&lt;/em&gt;&lt;/i&gt;

&lt;H2&gt;Austin Grill&lt;/H2&gt;&lt;i&gt;801 King St. Call 703-684-8969.&lt;/i&gt;

&lt;b&gt;Billy Clements and the Pickups,&lt;/b&gt; Thursday, June 1.

&lt;b&gt;Population 3,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 2.

&lt;b&gt;Billy Clements and the Pickups,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 3 and Tuesday, June 8.

&lt;b&gt;William Walter & Co.,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 9.

&lt;b&gt;Tom Forsey,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 10.

&lt;b&gt;Billy Clements and the Pickups,&lt;/b&gt; Thursday, June 15.

&lt;b&gt;Timothy Bracken,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 16.

&lt;b&gt;Billy Clements and the Pickups,&lt;/b&gt; Thursday, June 22.

&lt;b&gt;Butter Sweet,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 23.

&lt;b&gt;Justin Trawick,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 24.

&lt;b&gt;Billy Clements and the Pickups,&lt;/b&gt; Thursday, June 29.

&lt;b&gt;Stereopool,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 30.

&lt;H2&gt;Bangkok Blues&lt;/H2&gt;&lt;i&gt;926 W. Broad St., Falls Church. Call 703-534-0095.&lt;/i&gt;

&lt;b&gt;GHz,&lt;/b&gt; Thursday, June 1.

&lt;b&gt;Beltway Rockers,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 2.

&lt;b&gt;BlueStone,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 3.

&lt;b&gt;Vital Synz,&lt;/b&gt; Sunday, June 4.

&lt;b&gt;Willie Strings and the Players,&lt;/b&gt; Tuesday, June 6.

&lt;b&gt;Psychedelia,&lt;/b&gt; Wednesday, June 7.

&lt;b&gt;The Grandsons,&lt;/b&gt; Thursday, June 8.

&lt;b&gt;Rover Lighthouse,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 9.

&lt;b&gt;Blues Condition,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 10.

&lt;b&gt;Reggie Carreker,&lt;/b&gt; Sunday, June 11.

&lt;b&gt;Mind Traffic,&lt;/b&gt; Tuesday, June 13.

&lt;b&gt;Dee Stone, &lt;/b&gt;Wednesday, June 14.

&lt;b&gt;NTone, &lt;/b&gt;Thursday, June 15.

&lt;b&gt;Back N' Time,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 16.

&lt;b&gt;One Nation,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 17.

&lt;b&gt;Siempre Tango,&lt;/b&gt; Sunday, June 18.

&lt;b&gt;Melanie Mason,&lt;/b&gt; Tuesday, June 20.

&lt;b&gt;Charles Wright Trio,&lt;/b&gt;Wednesday, June 21.

&lt;b&gt;Danny Blu and the Blues Crew,&lt;/b&gt; Thursday, June 22.

&lt;b&gt;Eat at Joes,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 23.

&lt;b&gt;Karl Stoll and the Danger Zone,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 24.

&lt;b&gt;Daniel Lee and Cynthia Lin,&lt;/b&gt; Sunday, June 25.

&lt;H2&gt;The Birchmere&lt;/H2&gt;&lt;i&gt;3701 Mount Vernon Ave. Shows start at 7:30 p.m. For tickets, call 703-549-7500 or visit www.birchmere.com.&lt;/i&gt;

&lt;b&gt;Sweet Honey in the Rock,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 3.

&lt;b&gt;Al DiMeola Band,&lt;/b&gt; Tuesday, June 6.

&lt;b&gt;The Carl Palmer Band,&lt;/b&gt; Wednesday, June 7.

&lt;b&gt;Over the Rhine and HEM,&lt;/b&gt; Thursday, June 8.

&lt;b&gt;The Seldom Scene,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 9.

&lt;b&gt;Sonya Kitchell,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 10.

&lt;b&gt;Devendra Banhart & The Magic Numbers,&lt;/b&gt; Sunday, June 11.

&lt;b&gt;The Neville Brothers,&lt;/b&gt; Wednesday, June 14.

&lt;b&gt;Dickey Betts & Great Southern,&lt;/b&gt; Thursday, June 15.

&lt;b&gt;Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 16.

&lt;b&gt;Poco & Pure Prairie League,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 17.

&lt;b&gt;Rick Wakeman,&lt;/b&gt; Sunday, June 18.

&lt;b&gt;ABC featuring Martin Fry,&lt;/b&gt; Monday, June 19.

&lt;b&gt;Down to the Bone,&lt;/b&gt; Tuesday, June 20.

&lt;b&gt;Keith Emerson,&lt;/b&gt; Wednesday, June 21.

&lt;b&gt;The Gourds & Frog Holler,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 23.

&lt;b&gt;Ralph Stanley & The Clench Mt. Boys, &lt;/b&gt;Saturday, June 24.

&lt;b&gt;Shawn Colvin,&lt;/b&gt; Sunday, June 25.

&lt;b&gt;NIACIN, &lt;/b&gt;Monday, June 26.

&lt;H2&gt;Clarendon Grill&lt;/H2&gt;&lt;i&gt;1101 N. Highland St., Arlington. Call 703-524-7455.&lt;/i&gt;

&lt;b&gt;Welbilt,&lt;/b&gt; Thursday, June 1.

&lt;b&gt;Liquid A.,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 2.

&lt;b&gt;DJ2Nutz,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 3.

&lt;b&gt;The Reflex,&lt;/b&gt; Thursday, June 8.

&lt;b&gt;Chorduroy,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 9.

&lt;b&gt;DJ Lil Fos,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 10.

&lt;b&gt;That Guy,&lt;/b&gt; Thursday, June 15.

&lt;b&gt;Mofauxband,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 16.

&lt;b&gt;DJ2Nutz, &lt;/b&gt;Saturday, June 17.

&lt;b&gt;Pat Premier,&lt;/b&gt; Thursday, June 22.

&lt;b&gt;Gonzo's Noze,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 23.

&lt;b&gt;Naked Grace, &lt;/b&gt;Thursday, June 29.

&lt;b&gt;Hyjinx, Friday, &lt;/b&gt;June 30.

&lt;H2&gt;Duke's Bar and Grill&lt;/H2&gt;&lt;i&gt;1755 Duke St. Call 703-838-9602 or visit www.dukesandwindsor.com. Shows from 5:30-9 p.m.&lt;/i&gt;

&lt;b&gt;Larry Thomas Duo,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 2.

&lt;b&gt;Hall Vought,&lt;/b&gt; Friday June 9.

&lt;b&gt;Billy Clements and the Pickups,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 16.

&lt;b&gt;Tony Munnings,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 23.

&lt;b&gt;Ken Kruger,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 30.

&lt;H2&gt;Evening Star Cafe&lt;/H2&gt;&lt;i&gt;2000 Mount Vernon Ave. Call 703-549-5051.&lt;/i&gt;

&lt;b&gt;Joe Chiocca Band,&lt;/b&gt; every Monday night from 7:30-10 p.m.

&lt;H2&gt;Fireflies&lt;/H2&gt;&lt;i&gt;1501 Mount Vernon Ave. Call 703-548-7200.&lt;/i&gt;

&lt;b&gt;Live bluegrass music&lt;/b&gt; Sundays during brunch, starting at 11 a.m. No cover charge.

&lt;H2&gt;The Fish Market&lt;/H2&gt;&lt;i&gt;105 King St. Shows at 9 p.m. Call 703-836-5676.&lt;/i&gt;

&lt;b&gt;Jeff Jaska,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 2.

&lt;b&gt;DC Motors,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 3.

&lt;H2&gt;Galaxy Hut&lt;/H2&gt;&lt;i&gt;2711 Wilson Blvd., Arlington. Shows begin at 9:45 p.m. $5 cover. &lt;/i&gt;

&lt;b&gt;The Third Programme,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 3.

&lt;b&gt;Grayland, &lt;/b&gt;Saturday, June, 3.

&lt;b&gt;Gentry Noris,&lt;/b&gt; Sunday, June 4.

&lt;b&gt;Jeffrey Joslin,&lt;/b&gt; Sunday, June 4.

&lt;b&gt;Stephen Gordon,&lt;/b&gt; Sunday, June 4.

&lt;H2&gt;Iota Club and Café&lt;/H2&gt;&lt;i&gt;2832 Wilson Blvd., Arlington. Call 703-522-8340.&lt;/i&gt;

&lt;b&gt;Feel,&lt;/b&gt; Thursday, June 1.

&lt;b&gt;Telograph,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 2.

&lt;b&gt;Wes Tucker and the Skillets,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 3.

&lt;b&gt;Dean Fields Band,&lt;/b&gt; Sunday, June 4.

&lt;b&gt;Tom Freund,&lt;/b&gt; Monday, June 5.

&lt;b&gt;Butros Butros,&lt;/b&gt; Tuesday, June 6.

&lt;b&gt;Hotel Lights,&lt;/b&gt; Thursday, June 8.

&lt;b&gt;Last Train Home,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 9, Saturday, June 10.

&lt;b&gt;CINC,&lt;/b&gt; Sunday, June 11.

&lt;b&gt;Shawn Mullins,&lt;/b&gt; Monday, June 12.

&lt;b&gt;Sam Roberts Band, &lt;/b&gt;Tuesday, June 13.

&lt;b&gt;Shane Gamble,&lt;/b&gt; Thursday, June 15.

&lt;b&gt;The Tarbox Ramblers,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 16.

&lt;H2&gt;Ireland's Four Provinces&lt;/H2&gt;&lt;i&gt;105 W. Broad St., Falls Church. Call 703-534-8999.&lt;/i&gt;

&lt;b&gt;Brooke Yoder,&lt;/b&gt; June 8-10.

&lt;b&gt;Justin Murphy,&lt;/b&gt; June 15-17.

&lt;b&gt;Brook Yoder,&lt;/b&gt; June 22-24.

&lt;H2&gt;Pat Troy's Ireland's Own&lt;/H2&gt;&lt;i&gt;111 N. Pitt St. Call 703-549-4535.&lt;/i&gt;

&lt;b&gt;Patrick O'Flaherty,&lt;/b&gt; June 1-5.

&lt;b&gt;John Longbottom,&lt;/b&gt; June 6-10.

&lt;b&gt;Patrick O'Flaherty,&lt;/b&gt; June 11 & 12.

&lt;b&gt;Pat Garvey,&lt;/b&gt; June 13-16.

&lt;b&gt;Patrick O'Flaherty,&lt;/b&gt; June 18-30.

&lt;H2&gt;JV Restaurant&lt;/H2&gt;&lt;i&gt;6666 Arlington Blvd., Falls Church. Call 703-241-9504.&lt;/i&gt;

&lt;b&gt;Brinson Doc Reed and his Band, &lt;/b&gt;Thursday, June 1.

&lt;b&gt;The Bob and Jerry Band,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 2.

&lt;b&gt;The Curbfeelers Blues Band, &lt;/b&gt;Saturday, June 3.

&lt;b&gt;Steve Hagadom and Elizabeth Lawrence,&lt;/b&gt; Tuesday, June 6.

&lt;b&gt;Women of Rock Tribute,&lt;/b&gt; Thursday, June 8.

&lt;b&gt;Chris Polk Blues Band,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 9.

&lt;b&gt;Catfish Hodge Band, &lt;/b&gt;Saturday, June 10.

&lt;H2&gt;Nick’s&lt;/H2&gt;&lt;i&gt;642 S. Pickett St. Shows start at 9:15 p.m. Cover charge $7. Call 703-751-8900.&lt;/i&gt;

&lt;b&gt;Boys n' Me,&lt;/b&gt; June 2 and 3.

&lt;b&gt;Bodine Brothers,&lt;/b&gt; June 9 and 10.

&lt;b&gt;J.R. Booker,&lt;/b&gt; June 16 and 17.

&lt;b&gt;Texas Heat,&lt;/b&gt; June 23 and 24.

&lt;H2&gt;St. Elmo's Coffee Pub&lt;/H2&gt;&lt;i&gt;2300 Mount Vernon Ave.. Shows at 8 p.m. Call 703-739-9268 or visit www.stelmoscoffeepub.com.&lt;/i&gt;

&lt;b&gt;Not So Modern Jazz Quartet,&lt;/b&gt; every Thursday from 8-10 p.m.

&lt;b&gt;Herb Smith Trio,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 2.

&lt;b&gt;Michele Sawnn,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 3.

&lt;b&gt;Russ Glenn,&lt;/b&gt; Wednesday, June 7.

&lt;b&gt;Don Mattingly,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 9.

&lt;b&gt;Mike Elosh,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 10.

&lt;b&gt;Don Bridges & Friends, &lt;/b&gt;Wednesday, June 14.

&lt;b&gt;Don Keyser & His Country Rhythm Boys,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 16.

&lt;b&gt;Steve Gellman,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 17.

&lt;b&gt;Janna Audey,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 23.

&lt;b&gt;Doris Justis,&lt;/b&gt; Saturday, June 14.

&lt;H2&gt;The State Theatre&lt;/H2&gt;&lt;i&gt;220 N. Washington St., Falls Church. Call 703-237-0300 or visit www.thestatetheatre.com.&lt;/i&gt;

&lt;b&gt;Railroad Earth,&lt;/b&gt; Thursday, June 1 at 9 p.m. Tickets: $20.

&lt;b&gt;Hurra Torpedo,&lt;/b&gt; Friday, June 9 at 9 p.m. Tickets: $15.

&lt;b&gt;Coco Montoya,&lt;/b&gt; Wednesday, June 14 at 8:30 p.m. Tickets: $14.

&lt;b&gt;The Soft Parade,&lt;/b&gt; Tribute to the Doors. Saturday, June 17 at 9 p.m. Tickets: $13.

&lt;b&gt;Dave Wakeling's English Beat,&lt;/b&gt; Sunday, June 18 at 8 p.m. Tickets: $20.

&lt;b&gt;Devotchka,&lt;/b&gt; Wednesday, June 21 at 8:30 p.m. Tickets: $11.

&lt;H2&gt;Tiffanys Tavern&lt;/H2&gt;&lt;i&gt;1116 King St. Call 703-836-8844 or visit www.tiffanytavern.com. No cover charge.&lt;/i&gt;

&lt;b&gt;Live bluegrass music&lt;/b&gt; every Friday and Saturday night, starting at 9 p.m.

&lt;H2&gt;Two-Nineteen Restaurant&lt;/H2&gt;&lt;i&gt;219 King St.. Friday and Saturday, $5 cover charge. Call 703-549-1141.&lt;/i&gt;

&lt;b&gt;Live Jazz,&lt;/b&gt; Tuesday-Thursday at 8 p.m. Friday-Saturday at 9 p.m.