Town Goes Shopping

Town Goes Shopping

Monday night's Town Council meeting comprised a shopping list of procurements for various town departments.

The big spender was the Department of Public Works, which had seven contracts approved for a total expenditure not to exceed $321,205. That money will buy an extension of a contract for asphalt repair and an extension of a contract for the purchase of manhole riser rings, as well as contracts for solar traffic signal equipment, general traffic signal equipment, additional traffic signs, and heating and cooling maintenance, inspections and repair for Town Hall, the police station, the community center and the Department of Public Works' Northside property. Also included was an authorization to continue riding a Council of Governments contract for the purchase of gasoline, which represented well over a third of Public Works' total price tag.

The Department of Parks and Recreation had a single contract approved, allotting up to $100,000 for curb, gutter, sidewalk and masonry work for the construction of Nutley Park.

The police department received approval of five contracts for a total of up to $91,011. Vienna police will be purchasing radio system maintenance, uniforms and accessories, T-1 service with a point-to-point circuit and router, and wireless airtime. They will also be renting vehicles for undercover investigations.

Finally, expenditures of up to $35,067 were approved for administrative services. These included a contract for maintenance of the town's telecommunications system and another for medical services for current and potential town employees.

The council also adopted an ordinance allowing a larger area of town sports scoreboards to be occupied by sponsor information, set a date of June 19 for a public hearing on various action items associated with the upcoming Town Green, and approved a draft proclamation recognizing Vienna's participation in the Relay for Life 2006 event.

<1b>— Mike DiCicco