Churchill ‘00 Grad Missing

Churchill ‘00 Grad Missing

Jane Park last seen on May 5 in Cambridge, Mass.

Police in Somerville, Mass. are asking for information on the possible whereabouts of Jane Park, a graduate of Winston Churchill High School’s class of 2000, who has been missing since May 5. Park, who attended Wellesley College as an undergraduate, resides in Somerville and attended classes at Harvard University part-time, with plans to attend graduate school in Pennsylvania next fall.

Park, 23, was described as a 5-foot-3, 110-pound Asian female with brown eyes. Her hair is currently shorter than it is in the picture above. She is missing from Somerville, and was last seen on the evening of May 5, selling a bicycle in Quincy, Mass., according to Lt. Paul Upton of the Somerville Police Department. She was also seen in the Harvard Square area of Cambridge, Mass. on the same day. Park planned to return to her family’s home in Potomac in two weeks.

According to Upton, there are no further developments in the search for Park, and they do not rule out any possibilities as to where she may be located.

Upton asked anybody with leads on Park’s whereabouts to call Somerville Police Detective Michael Kiely at 617-625-1600 Ext. 7232, or e-mail

Even in a situation where someone believes Park does not want her whereabouts to be known, Upton urged anybody with knowledge to contact Somerville police. "She's an adult, so once we know that she's okay, that's where our involvement would end."

Park’s mother, Grace Park, asked that only those with leads call the Somerville police. Otherwise, she just asked for the prayers of those in the Potomac area.