Bigger and Better Than Ever

Bigger and Better Than Ever

Sharon Rainey, founder and president of Neighbors International, summed up what most people were feeling at this year's McLean Day.

"The weather couldn't have been more perfect," said Rainey.

The annual event, held in Lewinsville Park on Saturday, May 20, went off without a hitch. Food, rides, games and performances filled the day-long festival, and local vendors and community organizations manned informational booths. This year, the parking lot was cleared to make room for some impressive carnival rides.

"We haven't been on the roller coasters yet," said Cara White, 10.

Her friend Brenna Hickey, 9, said they would head over there eventually.

"We're kind of scared," she said with a laugh.

Bria Kidder, 7, was more interested in games than rides.

"I like the shooting game and the balloon game," she said, as she showed off her newly applied temporary tattoo. "And I liked the cotton candy."

Face painter Nicole Jones said that cotton candy seemed to be a favorite among all of the children at the event.

"It's been busy," said Jones. "We've had long lines all day."