No Luck for Lohan, Even Less for Us

No Luck for Lohan, Even Less for Us

Film Review

Throwing a plugged-in hair dryer into running water, wearing high heels to buff a floor, sitting down on a bench clearly marked "wet paint" ... these are all perfect examples of stupidity. And stupidity is the perfect word to describe the new Lindsay Lohan vehicle "Just My Like."

The above actions have nothing to do with luck and everything to do with Ashley Albright (Lohan) being the most annoying, idiotic character to grace a screen since Anna Nicole Smith was last allowed on television.

The premise of the film, which could have made an interesting romantic comedy, is that Albright is the luckiest girl in the world and she always gets everything (so why hasn't she won the lottery yet?). Her counterpart is Jake Hardin (Chris Pine) a charmingly stereotypically "nice guy" who has terrible luck all the time. But then they kiss, which is something Albright does frequently with random boys, and their luck is switched. This is symbolized by Hardin getting a hair cut and wearing fashionable clothing, and Albright becoming ugly and messy.

Clearly when you have luck you dress better, stop wearing your nerdy glasses and start being good looking.

Did they trade luck or fashion sense?

So Albright loses her luck, figures out why (too quickly) and then goes on a search to kiss the boy and get it back. This is how this movie works, from acting to screenplay — it is all trite, plastic and blatantly un-funny. The chemistry between Lohan and Pine is the same as combining two base elements: nothing happens. Also interesting, from a chemical standpoint, is that Lohan's skin tone changes in every scene; but don't worry, you'll be too distracted by her monotone acting to really notice.

Helping Albright on her quest are two of her friends. The scenes between the three of these women were like having hair ripped from my head. They whine on and on about luck and love while living in their expensive clothing and sizable New York apartments. Boo-hoo.

The biggest fault with the film, other than that it was made, is that the creators couldn't even come up with enough bad luck (or stupidity) to fill an entire movie. So the have some unknown British band that Pine is allegedly managing to play the same song over and over to fill time.

Usually there is a redeeming value in a bad romantic comedy, either some witty lines or a decent romance but "Just My Luck" is devoid of anything that would make it remotely watchable. All the audience gets is Lohan play acting older than she actually is while they are forced to sit through the predictable punch lines and terrible romantic one-liners. Going to see "Just My Luck" isn't bad luck, its just plain stupid.