What To Choose?

What To Choose?

Burke Centre Library Task Force conducts first meeting to discuss contents of capsule.

A task force wants Burke citizens to have a taste of 2008 when they unearth a time capsule in about 32 years.

They are the Burke Centre Library Time Capsule Task Force, and are dedicating time and energy into deciding the contents of the capsule.

“We’re not doing it like an afterthought,” said member Debra Holland. “We have time.”

The group has more than two years time, depending on when the Burke Centre Library construction is completed. For now, the task force is planning on installing the capsule in the cornerstone of the wall near the library’s front door, sometime in the spring of 2008.

“The more we branch out and include the community, the more fun it will be,” said Supervisor Sharon Bulova (D-Braddock).

The task force came together for an orientation meeting at the King’s Park Library Wednesday, May 10, with only six members attending. Pat Riedinger, chair of the capsule steering committee and president of the Friends of the Burke Centre Library group, said she hopes to involve more members of the community involved in this little piece of history.

“We want the public to be aware of what’s going on so we can get people interested and generate some excitement about it,” said Riedinger.

TASK FORCE members discussed ideas for the capsule’s contents and came up with a few solid plans. They decided a photograph of a baby born around the summer of 2008 would be a nice addition, so that baby could hopefully come back as a 30-year-old for the capsule’s unearthing ceremony.

“It would be especially neat if someone on the task force had a baby or grandbaby around that time,” said Riedinger.

The group also agreed on including before and after pictures of the library’s construction site, and they unanimously wanted essays contributed from local elementary, middle and high school students. They said the essay topic should be about the perception of the world in 30 years, since it will create a wide range of answers and will also get the children thinking. Duwain Ketch suggested including South County High School students, as well as Robinson and Lake Braddock Secondary students. Since the essays will be presented to the schools as a competition for a spot in the capsule, Elisabeth Edwards said the grades should be separated to ensure a fair competition for each age bracket of children.

The task force tentatively scheduled its next meeting for June 28, 7:30 p.m. Members said they hope more people will show up to help brainstorm a larger variety of ideas.