Sterling Park Residents Make Noise

Sterling Park Residents Make Noise

Diane Bonieske described herself as "working bee/spokesperson" for Help Save Loudoun, an illegal immigration neighborhood watch group in a phone interview Thursday.

Help Save Loudoun is an offshoot of Help Save Herndon, a coalition of citizens concerned about overcrowding and illegal immigration in Herndon, Loudoun County and Fairfax County neighborhoods.

"We’re dedicated to coming together to restore a sense of community in our neighborhoods," Bonieske said. "This is very important to people and we’re losing that. A community is not just a bunch of houses."

Help Save Loudoun is still in its infancy, Bonieske said.

Members meet with the Herndon group monthly, to talk about problems within their communities. Bonieske said these problems include multiple families living in single-family homes, unauthorized daycares and heavy commercial equipment parked on neighborhood streets and in driveways.

"That’s not a community," she said.

When Bonieske and other members of the Help Save groups notice these problems, they call the Loudoun County Zoning Enforcement office, which has an overcrowding hotline.

"We get this kind of information out there," Bonieske said.

The Help Save groups have plans to branch out into other Virginia communities and form Help Save Virginia.

"It all depends upon other communities taking initiative," she said.

The Town of Herndon recently ousted three officials who voted for the Herndon’s day-labor site, an official place for predominately Hispanic workers to find temporary jobs.