Young at Art

Young at Art

Geneva kindergarters display their work.

Potomac’s budding Van Goghs, Renoirs, and Cézannes got to show off their work April 29 at the Geneva Day School’s 29th annual kindergarten art show.

The school’s art program doesn’t pigeonhole students into familiar finger-painting and popsicle-stick projects, said Geneva Art Specialist Barbara Korb.

Rather, the kindergarteners take part in an “art through the ages” curriculum that begins with cave drawings and Egyptian hieroglyphs and spans through Monet, Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Alexander Calder.

“Children are not required nor encouraged to follow step-by-step directions,” Korb wrote in an introduction to the show, “and there are no models to copy or create.” Instead, they work with new materials throughout the year and take inspiration from the artists they study.

The kindergartner-artists on display were Jimmy Cutler, Kayleigh Hepburn, Advait Ishwar, Arvind Jayaraman, Catherine Johnson, Charlotte Levine, Meghana Pai, Michael Radice, Maggie Rose Rudman, Brian Schultz, Gabriela Seligman and David Williams.

Older students also had art on display at the school-wide event.