Week In Great Falls

Week In Great Falls

<sh>MCC Governing Board Meeting

<bt>The McLean Community Center Governing Board will meet on Wednesday, May 24, at 7:30 p.m. at the Center. This will be the final 2005-2006 meeting. All meetings of the Governing Board are open to the public. Members of the public who wish to speak during the "Citizen Comment" portion of the meeting are asked to call the Center to be placed on the agenda. Immediately after the meeting is adjourned, the incoming 2006-2007 Governing Board will convene and elect officers for the coming year. To be placed on the agenda or for more information, call the Center, at 703-790-0123, TTY: 703-827-8255.

<sh>McLean District DWI Checkpoint Results

<bt>On Thursday, April 27, Fairfax County Police officers conducted a sobriety checkpoint from 11:50 p.m. to 2 a.m. All motorists were stopped, and drivers were checked to assure that their ability to drive had not been impaired by alcohol or drugs. Approximately 194 cars passed through the checkpoint, which was conducted in the north and southbound lanes of the Lee Highway near Bisvey Dr. Two motorists were arrested for driving while intoxicated, and four people were cited for driving without a license.

<sh>No Trail for Cedar Chase

<bt>Residents of the Cedar Chase subdivision should not need to have what amounts to an on-road sidewalk in their community, said the Fairfax County Planning Commission during their April 19 meeting.

The 49-house development is on two cul-de-sacs off the Reston Parkway, just south of its intersection with Leesburg Pike. When the development was approved in 1998, the plan called for a trail (sidewalk) to be built. However, the houses were built close to the street, in order to preserve trees in the rear of the properties, said Tom Greeson. Greeson is both an attorney for the Homeowner’s Association, and he lives in the development.

Instead of a paved sidewalk, the residents were to have a strip along the side of the road with white, diagonal markings indicating that it was for pedestrians. The striping has not been done, and the residents in the development don’t want it.

“This is a kind of stripe you see in an industrial area, in a mall, not in a residential area,” Greeson said.

Planning Commissioner Frank de la Fe (Hunter Mill) said his first reaction was to deny the application, since the county does not typically endorse removing pedestrian amenities. “However, this isn’t a trail, and it’s on a private street,” de la Fe said.

He further asked that the funds which had been set aside for construction of the "trail" go to other pedestrian amenities in the area, rather than being returned to the developer. County staff and the residents will work out specific language to that effect. The plan must go to the Board of Supervisors for final approval. A date has not been set.

<sh>MCA Awards Three Teen Character Awards

<bt>The McLean Citizens Association (MCA) is awarding three teens a Teen Character Award in the 11th annual awards ceremony at McLean Day on Saturday, May 20. The ceremony will be held at 2 p.m. at Lewinsville Park on Chain Bridge Road in McLean. Joan DuBois, Dranesville District Supervisor, will present the awards. The awards honor teens who demonstrate outstanding character, and who have, on their own and without compensation, helped out in their neighborhood or community. This year's winners are:

*Jessica Richardson, a junior at McLean High School, for exemplary service on the McLean Community Center Governing Board.

*Meredith Rubin, a junior at Langley High School, for performing community service activities through her school and synagogue, as well as regularly spending Sunday lunch with her grandfather and other veterans at the VA nursing home. In addition, she provides company for many others at the nursing facility who do not receive regular visits.

*Nicola Turner, a junior at Langley High School, is being recognized for volunteering weekly at Lift Me Up! a therapeutic riding school for physically and mentally handicapped children in Great Falls. She has volunteered there on Saturday mornings for the past year.