Gas Prices Take Toll on Commuters

Gas Prices Take Toll on Commuters

Pricey Pumps

It takes Jeremiah Sidebottom an average of $50 to fill up his gas tank at the pump.

Sidebottom commutes from his home in Ashburn to Borders Bookstore in Sterling where he works, during the week.

"I don’t leave my house except to go to work," he said. "Gas is too expensive."

Sidebottom, a recent college grad, has a hard time paying high prices at local gas stations.

"It’s tough for young people in between college and a full-time job to get by," he said, "especially with high gas prices. It costs so much just to go to work."

Sidebottom’s co-worker Meredith Self doesn’t own a car.

The Sterling resident carpools to work with friends.

"I’ve been carpooling for awhile," she said. "It’s too expensive to live and own a car in Loudoun."

DEL. ROBERT MARSHALL (R-13) set up a program to make it easy for Loudoun-area residents to carpool to and from work.

Marshall created this program as a result of the increasing gas prices.

"This was something I could do to help citizens in the short term," Marshall said.

The delegate said he wrote to members of Congress and to the heads of Exxon, encouraging them to do something about increasing gas prices.

"They can give their CEOs $400 million, but what have they done to find ways to lower prices at the pump," Marshall said. "But that’s a long-term thing."

To access Marshall’s "Find a Ride" program, visit The search engines matches commuters with similar work schedules, to travel back and forth from work together.

Due to Marshall’s irregular work schedule, he can’t participate in the program, but said it is easy to use.

"Just plug in your origination ZIP code in the morning and your destination ZIP code in the morning," Marshall said. "If there’s a match, we’ll find it for you.

To participate, visit