Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Residents team up to clean 58-acre Runnymede Park and Sugarland Run stream.

Bundling up with stocking caps, gloves, rubber boots and anything else to keep warm, Herndon residents worked together Saturday, March 18, to help clean up Runnymede Park during the annual Stream Clean Up.

During the four-hour clean up, residents scattered throughout the 58-acre park — bright blue garbage bags in hand — looking for "unwelcome" items in the park. Many of the participants were either Boy, Girl or Cub Scouts, high school and middle school students looking to earn community service credits, or Herndon residents wanting to give back to the community.

In addition to picking up trash from the trees and bushes, residents also re-vamped the garden and trails beginning at the Herndon Parkway entrance to Runnymede Park. Other residents — usually the younger ones unafraid of getting wet — dared to balance on logs and rocks while reaching for trash in the Sugarland Run stream. At least one child fell in the cold water, while others pushed their luck, hoping to get one last Styrofoam cup.