Water Park Opens at Lyons Village

Water Park Opens at Lyons Village

$520,000 renovation has five in-ground water sprays and bucket tower.

Children, parents, park and county officials gathered Saturday for the grand opening of the water section of Lyons Village Park playground at 1800 Highland St. in Arlington.

The sensor-activated water area includes five in-ground sprays and a bucket-topped tower, that when filled, pours water onto the children below.

"I think this is one of the neatest parks we've been able to work on," said Arlington County Board Chairman Chris Zimmerman during a ceremony at the park. "This is a far cry from the metal monkey bars and cement-floored playgrounds of my childhood."

PARENTS AT the park agreed that the colorful equipment and distinct play areas for kids of all ages make the renovation a success.

Parks are important for having children socialize with their peers for families to meet their neighbors, said Elizabeth Hosinski of Arlington who was at the park with her 2-year-old son, J.P.

The $520,000 renovation to one of the oldest and most heavily used parks in the county was "developed in the spirit of partnership with the community," said Dinesh V. Tiwari, director of Parks Recreation and Cultural Resources.

All of the speakers made a point of thanking the neighborhood volunteers who had a large part in the planning and development of the park.

The park has added value to the neighborhood. "[It] was here before, but it is certainly much improved. The water is a big plus for the kids," said William Tiernay, who spoke while keeping an eye on his 3-year-old daughter, Amelia Grace, as she ran in and out of the water sprays amidst the laughter of more than 20 soaking wet kids.