The 'Green and White' Graduates

The 'Green and White' Graduates

Langley High School presents its class of 2006.

Twins Carlton and Carly Davis, 17, are both getting ready to leave the nest next fall. Carlton will be attending Miami University in Ohio, and Carly will head down to Charlottesville to attend the University of Virginia. Watching them graduate was a bittersweet moment for their mother, Sabrina Davis.

"They're my only two, so I'm sad but glad," said Davis. "I'm going to miss the clutter –– the shoes, the clothes, the backpacks."

The twins both said that it "feels good" to graduate.

"I'm ready to move on and move away," said Carly Davis.

However, they did admit that they would miss their classmates.

"I'll just miss the people and seeing them everyday," said Carlton Davis.

On Friday, June 16, the Langley High School Class of 2006 celebrated its commencement with a ceremony at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C.

Colbert I. King, Deputy Editor at The Washington Post was the keynote speaker.

"I thought it was absolutely gorgeous," said Tessa Carr, 18, of the graduation ceremony. "The music and the speaker were really wonderful. There are a lot of us, so getting our diplomas, that part was a little tedious –– but other than that I thought it was great. Everybody did a really good job."

The students buzzed with excitement over their summer plans.

"It feels great to finally be done," said Robbie Maclay, 17. "First I have beach week, then I have a family reunion in Hawaii, then I'm going to Australia, then my sister is having a wedding so I'll be in the Outer Banks, so yeah, life is rough."

Maclay, who will attend the University of Vermont in the fall, said he will miss his friends the most.

As of graduation day, Cary Cooper, 18, still had not decided which college he will attend in the fall.

"I'm trying to decide between William and Mary and UVA [University of Virginia]," said Cooper. "I need help –– I can't make up my mind."

Despite his indecision, Cooper said that graduating was "a relief."

"This last quarter was very stressful, even though it wasn't supposed to be," he said.

Stress was not the only thing that people were looking forward to leaving behind for a little bit.

"I'm not going to miss getting up at 6 a.m. everyday," said Jason Zuccari, 18.

Zuccari will attend West Virginia University in the fall to study communications.