Swim into Summer

Swim into Summer

Potomac hosts its first meet of the season.

Hours after getting out of school on Wednesday June 14, rising Churchill freshman, Thalia Ertman, was on deck at the Potomac Swim and Tennis Club, cheering on her teammates.

"I have a set of friends on the [swim] team that I don't get to see during the school year. We always have a lot of fun and a lot of team spirit," said Ertman.

Potomac's first swim meet was against Country Glen. Both teams are part of the six-team Potomac Area Swim League (PASL), as well as the larger Montgomery County Swimming League (MCSL). The PASL teams include Potomac, Country Glen, Potomac Woods, River Falls, Montgomery Square and Fallsmead. Meets against teams in the PASL league are known as "B" meets, while "A" meets are those swum against teams in the MCSL.

As the meet at Potomac got underway, parents and children of all ages enjoyed homemade goods from the snack table, encouraged their teammates, relaxed and chatted about their summer plans by the poolside.

"I plan on hanging by the pool and just relaxing," said Tania Ivey.

Roya Youssefiani, the mother of Dariush Youssefiani, plans on "sticking around until the third week of July and maybe going to Lake Tahoe."

"B" Meets are held every Wednesday evening at PASL pools, and "A" meets are held every Saturday morning. Visit www.mcsl.org for schedules and more information.