Musical Homecoming

Musical Homecoming

Cascade in Blue is a rock band from Rockville that has been together for the last two years. They are performing on Wednesday, June 21 at Rockville Civic Park. Visit for more on the band.

Introduce the Band: Cascade in Blue is a six-piece art-rock band from Rockville. A wide range in ages creates a very unique dynamic of personalities and musical creativity. Each member is in a consecutive grade from a senior in high school through college.

Cascade in Blue blends violin, upright bass, electric bass, guitar, horns, piano, percussion and vocals to create a striking new sound that is reviving the spirit of artistic rock music.

How did you get your start or form the band? In 2001, the group began writing music as a three-piece indie-rock band called "The Dorian Mode." Lucas Carr (guitar/vocals), Andy Chervenak (electric bass/vocals), and Jonny Sickles (percussion) wrote, produced and recorded several demos from a homemade basement studio. While playing local shows, building a small fan base, and continuing to experiment with recording, they began to crave more distinctive sounds and unique musicians. Benjamin Prinkki joined the group in 2003 as a horn player and quickly assumed the role of piano player as well. In 2004, Claudio Olachea (violin/piano) and Dario Olachea (upright bass) joined Cascade in Blue and completed the roster and instrumentation of this increasingly artistic rock band.

How long have you been performing for? The original members, Lucas Carr, Andy Chervenak and Jonny Sickles have been composing, recording and performing together for five years. As of the summer of 2006, all six members of Cascade in Blue have been together for two years.

What has been your best memory when it comes to music? After winning the Maryland Smoke-Free Battle of the Bands in the summer of 2005, Cascade in Blue was invited into the studio of 99.5 FM to help count down the top five songs of the day and perform live on the air. This was a surreal moment for the band to perform live on a major radio station.

Describe your sound: The rare instrumentation of violin, upright bass, electric bass, guitar, horns, piano, percussion and vocals, pinned with elements of rock, classical, folk, and jazz; combine to create a sound best described as Art-Rock. Audiences of all ages and cultures engage in the narrative of their intertwining melodies and harmonizing dissonance, which are set within mature arrangements.

Biggest musical influences: Each member grew up listening to very different types of music and therefore, each member brings a different influence to the band. Certain classic groups and musicians are agreed upon between members, such as Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, Radiohead, Herbie Hancock and Led Zeppelin.

Where have you toured? Cascade in Blue has performed in Chicago, Ill.; Milwaukee, Wis.; and Raleigh, N.C.

Anything special about the upcoming show? Cascade in Blue auditioned as a local music group at Strathmore last year and was invited back to perform for an outdoor concert. To perform at such a remarkable venue is exciting for both the band and for their fans that have supported them for many years. This concert kicks off the beginning of a busy and productive summer for the band.

Future Plans: The group plans to release its third full-length independent album in the summer of 2006, in hopes that it will spread the sound of Cascade in Blue to increasingly wider audiences.