Booked for the Summer

Booked for the Summer

More then 150 Maury Elementary School students were able to spend approximately $26 each on books Monday as a result of a $3,500 gift from the Alexandria Rotary Club. And, they each had their "wish list."

Following instructions from school librarian Ann Garrison, the students were aided in their selections by Rotarian Charles Collum and school volunteer John Coffey. Each student was able to purchase between three and seven books depending on price.

Collum, chairman of the Board, Burke and Herbert Bank and Trust Company, is chairman of Rotary's Literary Improvement Assistance Project. Of the $3,500 total, $1,500 will help pay for teacher training and related curriculum books, while $2,000 was designated for the school's Spring Book Fair enabling student to buy books of their choice.

"The Rotary Club has donated the money for you to be able to do this and we want to thank them," Garrison told the students as they awaited their turn to make selections. She then advised them to write a personal note accompanied by a picture.

These will be presented to the local club on June 20 when financial aid gifts will be presented to a number of organizations during the club's regular monthly meeting at the Old Town Radisson Hotel. During that event Maury School principal Lucretia M. Jackson will formally accept the gift for her school.

"All our elementary schools have book fairs. But, this is the first time we've worked with the Alexandria Rotary Club. They have enabled us to have this fair because of their generous contribution," Jackson said.

Books for the sale were selected by faculty in conjunction with the staff of "A Likely Story" children's bookstore at 1555 King St. The store carries approximately 45,000 titles covering a myriad subjects.

Each student was given a clip board and order form to calculate how much they were spending. They were also presented with a public library card by Garrison and encouraged to go to the library over the summer.

Prior to joining Collum in the book selection area, Garrison advised students to "Pick books you will enjoy and want to keep. Don't get something you look at once then put under your bed and forget. This is the start of your own library."