A School With No Home

A School With No Home

Indian International School conducts part two of its annual program to raise funds to build a school of its own.

The Indian International School conducted the second part of its annual program Sunday, June 11, at the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia, 8900 Little River Turnpike, in an effort to raise money for the construction of their own cultural center.

The school’s board has not purchased so much as the land yet for the school, but hopes to accomplish at least that by the end of the year, said Dhananjaya Kumar, president of the board. He said once the land is purchased, it will allow people to see what their donations will go toward, thus encouraging more contributions.

Part one of the school’s annual show was Sunday, May 14, and Kumar said they raised nearly $6,000 at that event, from ticket sales, food sales and contributions. That added to about $25,000 previously raised, but it’s far from enough to get the project underway. Board members estimate they will need about $10 million to buy land and build an India cultural center to house the school and serve as a community gathering place.

More than 400 students attend the school’s 50 weekly classes at the JCCNV, and that number is constantly growing, said Gita Shah, a member of the school's board of directors.

“We are here to share the vision and support the school in any way we can,” said Shah.