Centreville High Holds Thespian Awards

Centreville High Holds Thespian Awards

Cameras flashed and celebrities sparkled, last Friday night, June 2, as Centreville High's Theater Department held its 18th annual Thespian Awards. Actors and techs up for awards made their entrance to the ceremony on (what else?) a red carpet, while mom "paparazzi" snapped away.

Actress Mary Caitlin Barrett's brother Tim played the role of a Hollywood reporter, asking arriving "stars" what designer they were wearing and what's their next movie. "What's your next project?" he asked actor Jamal Crowelle, to which the senior replied, "College, I believe."

TODD CRESPI pretended to be a cameraman. Then came the paparazzi gauntlet, with the actors and actresses peppered with even more questions, such as, "Is it true about you and Angelina Jolie?" And the students loved it.

Mom Kim Langan even created 80 gift bags for them, each containing a champagne flute filled with silver-and-blue-wrapped chocolates. Written on the flutes was "2006 Thespian Awards."

The ceremony honored Centreville's Cappie nominees for "Noises Off," David Barchet, Featured Actor in a Play; Matt Karrenbauer, Sets; and Sarah Langan, Props and Effects, as well as members of the school's Troupe 4510 of the International Thespian Society, for their commitment to the theater. Centreville also presented its own theater awards.

"I'd like to congratulate all our nominees — excellent work," said Theater Director Mark Rogers. "Tonight we gather to honor the International Thespians and recognize what makes Theatre Centreville Theatre Centreville — and that's everyone's talents. You are all winners. Hopefully, walking on the red carpet will give you the experience you'll need to walk on it for real someday, at the Oscars."

He and Technical Director Mike Hudson also gave a special thank-you to the theater parents "for all they've put up with this year." Thirteen students were honored for devoting 600 hours or more to Centreville theater activities over the past four years.

ROGERS PRESENTED a Sunshine award to Kelly Faughnan, "someone who brings sunshine to our day, even when we're stressed." And Hudson presented the Best Tech award to Karrenbauer. All Star Tech awards went to Peter Arango and Jonathan Blake, and Natalie Carneal received the Most Valuable Thespian award.

Calling her the "poster child" for Theatre Centreville, Rogers said Carneal has "made every play she's been part of better and is a hardworking, focused, disciplined, creative and energetic actor, playwright and director. She always gives her best and is always ready to lend a hand, and I'm sure her star is only going to continue to rise."