Time Tells All

Time Tells All

Taking lesson from national touring bands like Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy, Reston-based Time Tells All is a young outfit touring the local circuit. Inspired by the current rock-scene, but also the more classic sounds of the Beatles and Beach Boys, this quartet has already played the Warped Tour and is looking to broaden their fan base with their EP "A Whisper At Large." Ben Coffinberger and Brent Stinnett took some time to answer a few questions about their band and the local music scene.

<b>Introduce the Band:</b> Adam Robbins (Drums), Ben Coffinberger (Guitar/Vocals), Brent Stinnett (Lead Vocals/Guitar), and Nick Andariese(bass)

<b>How did you guys form?</b>

Brent: We were all in local bands a little while ago. The early stages of Time Tells All began when Adam and I started writing and demoing music about a year and a half ago. Then we started working with some guitarists and bassists and found our perfect friends and perfect fits in Nick who introduced us to Ben. We became official right before we played the Warped Tour last summer.

<b>Describe your sound:</b>

Ben: I would describe us as straight up rock and roll with a commercial attitude. We strive for the most unique sounds and melodies.

Brent: We are a rock band with pop and punk influences. From music you can go crazy to and dance to, all the way to "pop" sing-a-longs. Music that anyone can listen to.

<b>Biggest musical influences:</b>

Brent: We look up to big bands mostly. We look at what they've done and how they got there. Some bands that may inspire us are, for example, Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, Cartel, and Story of the Year. Those are the more mainstream ones. We of course get inspiration from classic bands like the Beatles, Beach Boys, and Sinatra.

<b>Other influences:</b>

Brent: Definitely our friends, family, and other local bands. Literally almost everything inspires me and probably inspires the rest of us too.

<b>If you could tour with one current band, who would it be? </b>

Brent: Cartel would be cool, but honestly anyone that would help us as much as we'd help them. Anyone from local to big time acts would be cool. And anything in our broad range of Rock.

<b>What are your thoughts on the local music scene? </b>

Brent: I actually think its at a very dull point right now. There needs to be bands to kick start huge concerts and have everyone come out and go crazy. There are some good shows around here, but there needs to be a band to take charge around here and take over. I'm not saying who... Also, in the immediate area, there are no real great venues.

<b>Favorite venue to play a show? </b>

Brent: I'm gonna say Jammin' Java is gonna be a cool place to play. We haven't played there yet, but since it's so close to us, I'd like to think we'd have a lot of fun there. Of course, Nissan Pavilion's' Warped Tour is amazing. And any place where kids can have fun.

<b>Favorite venue to watch a show? </b>

Brent: I really like the Ottobar. They have an amazing sound system over there, it's a nice stage, and it's a great environment for rock shows.

<b>Do you have any albums out/any coming out?</b>

Ben: We currently have one album out, "A Whisper At Large" you can pick up a copy at one of our shows or through us. We are currently writing new material and will be recording a new EP this summer with Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (Tree Sound Studio's, Atlanta Georgia)

Brent: Yeah we're recording with the guys who recorded Cartel's "Chroma." Come out to a show and pick up a copy of our demo/EP.

<b>What are your upcoming shows? </b>

Brent: We have shows coming up with Fat Tuesday's, Velvet Lounge, Jaxx, and we're working on shows at Club East Coast, Jammin' Java, Reston Community Center, and a bunch of other places. So stay tuned and check up on our Myspace page and Web site: www.myspace.com/timetellsall.

— Christopher M. Staten