Nam: A Passion for Painting

Nam: A Passion for Painting

People Profile

Heidi Nam is a local artist who will have an exhibit starting in July at Creative Partners Gallery in Bethesda. She enjoys music events with her family and loves traveling to Korea. She is currently teaching art classes. Her passion is painting, which is evident in some of the landscapes featured in her upcoming exhibit. She is this week's People Profile.

Number of years in the community. Seven years in the Rockville area.

Local community influences: Yes, definitely! I joined several art associations, such as the Rockville Art League, Potomac Valley Watercolor Society, Maryland Pastel Society and Art League in Alexandria. They were my great influences and very helpful in my career. They have wonderful sources and extremely caring people. Without their support I couldn't have accomplished anything.

What community "hidden treasure" do you think more people should know about? Strathmore Hall is one of the most wonderful things that happened in this area in recent years as an artist and concert goer.

Favorite Restaurants: I still haven't fully explored famous restaurants around here, but my family occasionally goes to Amada Amante in Traville Village Center, which is very close to our home. It has a good atmosphere and quality food.

Favorite Activities: Other than painting and teaching, I enjoy going to concerts with my family.

Other Favorite Things: I love to search for places to paint. Traveling is my biggest passion along with painting! Finding the region or country's uniqueness, trying different food, meeting new people, learning different culture and history is the most exciting and meaningful experience to me. I just feel so lucky that I can combine traveling and painting together.

Favorite People: I admire the leaders in my art associations who dedicate their time and efforts to help others grow as an artist. I would like to do the same after I send my son to college.

Favorite Book, Movie and so on: I don't have time for movies at all but try to find time to read. My favorite vacation destination is Korea – I always miss the beauty of the countryside and wonderful traditional food.

Hobbies: Cooking. Cooking is like art. I picture the harmony of ingredients and enjoy experimenting with them – I create my own recipes. My husband gets really scared when I experiment with food and I invite guests over. I love challenges!

Community Concerns, Ideas to improve: I really don't think communities are doing enough for children when it comes to art. They need more support to give them chance to participate and exhibit their art. I hardly find any places to do that.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Still doing the same things – teaching art and interacting with my colleague artists.

Parting Thoughts: I feel grateful that Potomac Almanac for giving me an opportunity to talk about my art. I am encouraged to work harder to contribute what I can do for my community.