Very Little To Complain About

Very Little To Complain About

Final RA district meeting ends on high note.

In the Lake Anne/Tall Oaks district, Reston Association members had their last chance Tuesday, Jan. 17 to voice complaints or accolades for the proposed governing documents, which go to referendum next month.

For most people, the meeting hosted by Director Robin Smyers was an opportunity to learn more about the changes rather than pass judgment.

“I found it informative when the president provided reasoning for why they made changes in the documents,” said Justin Patton, who has lived in Reston since 1991.

But a few issues, including the quorum for super-referenda and the maximum assessment, concerned residents.

The board voted last year to reduce the quorum requirement from 40 percent to 25 percent for future referenda that decide conveyance of public area or amendment to the documents.

A FEW RESIDENTS didn’t think the change was significant. “Twenty-five or 40 percent doesn’t make a bit of difference,” said Kurt Pronske.

Joe Stowers agreed. “I think it’s a very practical consideration,” he said.

Dick Osborne said the change was “a smart move.”

One member liked the change because it helped remedy voter apathy. “People who move in now don’t have the same level of input and don’t come out to vote,” said Donna Sandin, who has lived in Reston for 24 years.

Others didn’t think it was so prudent. “I’m not sure lowering the standard is an appropriate measure,” said Patton.

“I know 40 percent is a high number, but it gives us some level of credibility,” said Curtis Clinton, an 18-year resident.

ANOTHER ISSUE OF concern was the maximum assessment. “The maximum assessment many not be sufficient,” said Clinton. “If our economy or our region suffers from another terrorist attack, we may need to add to the maximum cap,” said Clinton. He proposed granting future boards increased financial flexibility.

RA President Jennifer Blackwell said that the board has spent a good deal of time dealing with the maximum assessment. “It’s probably the principal focus of the changes in the documents,” she said.

Some other suggestions to generate more revenue were provided. One member suggested that the pools be better marketed for business outings. Another resident suggested that RA find a way to make local businesses, particularly corporations, pay for the use of the association’s facilities.