Marriott Plans Additional Hotel for Route 1

Marriott Plans Additional Hotel for Route 1

Land swap to ease road widening.

The Marriott Corporation hopes to build an additional hotel at the site of the IMP building located at the intersection with Old Mill Road, according to Mount Vernon District Supervisor Gerald Hyland.

The hotel will also reportedly tie into a proposed conference center at the same location.

During a meeting of the Southeastern Health Care Planning Task Force at the Mount Vernon Government Center, Hyland also said that Woodlawn Plantation agreed to a land swap to provide property for a wider Old Mill Road in trade for additional land on the Woodlawn Road side.

This land swap, which has been in negotiations, will allow Old Mill Road to be converted to four lanes and serve as the replacement for Woodlawn Road, which has been restricted since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

The new road will connect Route 1 with Beaulah Street and Telegraph Road.

As a part of the future plans for the new road and the anticipated U.S. Army Museum, to be located at Fort Belvoir, Marriott had previously announced the construction of a Residence Inn immediately adjacent to the now restricted Woodlawn Gate. According to Hyland, the additional Marriott venture will be a hotel with a possible elevated walkway to the IMP building.

"The IMP building will remain and perhaps become part of a new conference center. There are also plans for two additional office buildings on the site which would be constructed by the IMP ownership," Hyland said. " This is all very much in the preliminary stages."