Preservationists Lose Battle

Preservationists Lose Battle

After a failed attempt by the Upper King Street Preservation Group to halt demolition of two historic buildings in the 1500 block of King Street, they are now just a pile of used bricks.

The City of Alexandria issued demolition permits to Boston developer, DSF Long, after Alexandria Circuit Court denied an emergency request to halt the destruction of 1520 and 1522 King St. on the edge the City's Old and Historic District. Plans call for the construction of condominiums on the site.

Five residents filed suit against City Council and Mayor William Euille to prevent the whole or partial demolition of the historic buildings. There was also a rally in front of buildings, following the filing of the suit.

"The court has not yet ruled on a second law suit brought to stop the demolition of a third building that appears on the City's 100-year historic building list," said City Councilman Andrew Macdonald, who has supported the preservation group led by Alexandria resident Boyd Walker.

On Dec. 15, just prior to the demolition crew's arrival on the site, Macdonald wrote a letter to Arthur P. Solomon, president and CEO, DSF Real Estate Advisors.

"'This development … will result in the demolition of two historic buildings and the partial demolition of a third one,'" Macdonald wrote.

"'I'm glad that DSF Long is investing in Alexandria. Indeed, if Alexandrians hadn't made such a concerted effort to preserve our nation's history I dare say you would not be so interested in investing in our community,'" Macdonald stated in the letter.