Board Adopts a Construction Plan

Board Adopts a Construction Plan

School Board Adopts a Plan to Build and Renovate Schools

The Loudoun County School Board approved a $984 million school Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) Tuesday, Dec. 13.

The revised construction plan includes renovations to four of the county’s oldest middle schools, Blue Ridge, Simpson, Seneca Ridge and Sterling middle schools. Over the next seven years, Loudoun County will build 12 new elementary schools, three new middle schools, three new high schools, an advanced technology academy and renovate four old middle schools and the Monroe Technology Center.

School Board member J. Warren Geurin (Sterling) said one of the key issues is locating an advanced technology center on land formerly known as the Islamic-Saudi Academy.

"It would be a wonderful … addition to Loudoun County. That is $70 million," Geurin said. "I strongly urge everyone to support it."

Robert DuPree (Dulles) said he thinks the CIP is a "good CIP" to bring to the Board of Supervisors.

CHAIRMAN JOHN ANDREWS (Potomac) said he will not support the revised budget.

"I support all the projects that are in the CIP," Andrews said. "My concern is that we have been told by the Board of Supervisors that there is a cap of $200 million on the CIP. I won’t support it because I am concerned about our credibility," he said.

Superintendent Edgar Hatrick said the reason the first year’s budget is so high is due to inflation.

"We have an obligation to tell the Board of Supervisors and the Loudoun community what we need," he said. "This is what it will cost to meet our real needs."

TUESDAY NIGHT’S meeting was John Andrews’ (Potomac) last meeting as chairman of the school board. A new chairman and vice chairman will be elected Tuesday, Jan. 3.

Board members thanked Andrews for leading them through an interesting time in Loudoun County.

"I have enjoyed leading this group over the past two years. … The thing that has made this job enjoyable is not only some members of this board who have been supportive, but Dr. Hatrick and his senior staff. I could not have been more proud to work with a group of people on a daily basis."