Living in Harmony

Living in Harmony

The Friends of Runnymede Park partnered with the Town of Herndon once again last weekend to teach Herndon residents how to "live in harmony with nature."

NatureFest, an event that takes over Runnymede Park one day a year, was held Sunday for residents to not only walk the park's many acres, but also learn about the various species and creatures that call the park home.

Upon arrival attendees were given a passport to help direct them along the path to each of the 16 stations. After learning about things like habitats in backyards, honeybees and archeology, a stamp was placed on the passport. After visiting all stations, and receiving a stamp for each stop, residents were treated with a cookie.

Along with stations for residents to visit, other educational games such as "Oh Deer" and the "Web of Life" were set up for participation.

An ongoing blacksmith demonstration and a raptor demonstration entertain — and taught — children and parents.

The tent to grab the most attention from children was the fish shocking demonstration done by John Odenkirk. Wearing rubber waders, Odenkirk stood in Sugar Land Run stream and used a fish finder to catch fish to be viewed by children standing along the bank. Other species, including frogs, were taken to large aquariums for children to view before they were returned to the wild.