Poisson's Election Means Change

Poisson's Election Means Change

New Delegate Focuses On Basic Needs For Loudoun County

On Nov. 8, the House of Delegates' 32nd District said goodbye to Republican Del. Dick Black. In a close race, voters elected Democratic candidate David Poisson to the House, with 52.5 percent of the district’s votes.

The former delegate represented the 32nd District since 1998.

THE 32ND DISTRICT, which includes Sugarland Run, Broad Run and parts of the Potomac and Dulles districts, deferred from previous years’ voting trends.

In the governor's race, Democratic candidate Tim Kaine won 44 out of 55 Loudoun County precincts, including Ashburn Farm, Harper Park and Newton-Lee precincts. There was a tie between Tim Kaine and Jerry Kilgore (R) in Forest Grove.

Poisson defeated Black at reportedly Republican polls, like the Algonkian and Cascades precincts. He won 18 of 24 precincts, with more than 60 percent of votes in the Cascades and Mirror Ridge precincts.

BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Chairman Scott York said Poisson’s election, and the large voter turnout demonstrates the type of people living in Loudoun County. More than 23,000 residents voted in the House of Delegates election.

"Obviously we have an increasing population. I think it shows there is a great interest in what is happening in our community," York said. "Transportation is a big issue and of concern."

York said he hopes Poisson will aggressively address the issue, unlike Black did.

School Board member Warren Geurin (Sterling) said he looks forward to meeting Poisson.

"We had added another strong voice to the voices we already have. He is another voice for education," he said.

"We will have to wait and see what it mean overall for the county and his district," York said.