Louise Archer To Get Modular

Louise Archer To Get Modular

Building addition will replace six trailers.

Louise Archer Elementary will receive a 10-classroom addition that will replace six of the school’s eight-classroom trailers.

"Essentially, what we are going to do is to replace single-classroom trailers with a modular building," said John Souser, an engineer working for Fairfax County Public Schools. The Vienna Town Council approved the addition during its May 9 meeting.

The six trailers will be moved during construction of the addition, which will be placed near the boundary line with Madison High School. Two trailers will be retained for potential future use. After the addition is opened, it will take approximately three months for the other six trailers to be removed.

After approving the addition, Councilmember Maud Robinson spoke against the county’s land-use policies which she said consistently seek new development and force the overcrowding of local schools. "Something is awry in the whole system," she said.

THE COUNCIL conducted a public hearing about the proposed Town of Vienna budget, but no one came to speak. The town was able to cut its tax rate to the point that many residents will see an increase of less than 1 percent in property taxes paid to the town. Residents will still pay more however, due to an increase in county taxes. The council scheduled adoption of the $17.3 million budget for its June 6 meeting.

Another public hearing, this one to update the town’s dangerous dog ordinance, also drew no speakers. The changes are designed to bring the town’s ordinance up to date with the state code, said Steven Briglia, the town attorney.

The council approved the purchase of a Computer Aided Dispatch System to be used by the Town of Vienna Police Department. The total cost of the system is $382,907.52, but most of the funding will come from grants.

The town also approved purchasing building materials for the sound wall that will be installed around the mulcher on Beulah Road. The cost is $38,851.04 from the Dale Lumber Company of Leesburg.

The council extended contracts to provide services for asphalt repair ($38,360), traffic marking ($40,000), and auditing services for next year and an increased based on inflation for the following year ($38,200). All dollar figures are estimates. The council also extended a contract for engineering services.

The council also approved a $42,850 contract with George Kountoupes Painting Company of Lincoln Park, Mich., to paint the town’s water tanks. The council updated its building code to reflect changes in the state code.